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Name City, State Country Subspecialty Society Residency Program
aasim hameed Pakistan
AASTHA SINGH new delhi, delhi India All India Ophthalmological Society lady hardinge medical college
abbas abdalla wad medani, Sudan
Abbas Fahem Abbas Fahem Iraq
abdel rahman hassan Egypt
abdel salam ghonima Egypt
AbdelAziz A. Habib Cairo, Cairo Egypt
Abdelaziz Eissaalhag khartoum, khartoum Sudan Eye Trauma and Emergencies Al Noor Magrabi Foundation no
Abdelghani Debba El Amir Abdelkaber, touggourt Algeria
abdelsamia sultan khartoum, khartoum Sudan Sudanese Ophthalmological Society University of Khartoum
Abdelwahhab Azzawi Tareem, Hadramout Yemen 4 years in Eye Surgical Hospital -Damascus -Syria
Abdul Awan Lahore, Punjab Pakistan Cataract and Refractive Surgery Service Institite of Medical Sciences
Abdul qadir New Delhi, New Delhi India
abdul ghaffar daudpota abdul ghaffar daudpota qasimabad hyderabad, sindh Pakistan Neuro-ophthalmology Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan M.S. Ophth
Abdul Haleem Mirani Abdul Haleem Mirani karachi, sindh Pakistan Retina and Vitreous FCPS ophthamology
Abdul Sami MEMON Karachi, sindh Pakistan al ibrahim eye hospital
Abdulatif Al Raisi Muscat, Oman Cornea Oman Ophthalmic Society
Abdulaziz Alshehri Taif, western province Saudi Arabia Saudi Ophthalmological Society saudi board in ophthalmology
abdulbari sharif abdulbari sharif Az zawia, Libya
Abdull Rahman Samim Abdull Rahman Samim Herat, Herat Afghanistan Other (e.g., Education, Research)

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