Connecting Ophthalmologists from Around the World to Achieve Eye Health for Everyone

ICO Educational Programs


Supporting ophthalmologists at all career stages

The ICO programmes are designed and conducted to support ophthalmologists at every stage of their careers so that they may be best equipped to deliver high-quality eye care to preserve and restore vision for the people of the world.

Those studying ophthalmology as well as those engaged in ophthalmology teaching find a broad range of resources including curricula, learning, and teaching guides, and clinical guidelines for general ophthalmologists and subspecialists.

ICO resources are applicable across various socio-economic settings, leadership, and society development programs to support and harmonize the standards of education, eye care delivery, health promotion, advocacy, and allocation of resources to eye health around the world.

The ICO engages with leaders of ophthalmologic societies and other ophthalmic educators to rethink and redefine how ophthalmology is taught. The goal is to develop more effective teaching programs and materials and, ultimately, to improve eye care around the world.

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