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ICO International Clinical Guidelines and Resources


Internaional Clinical Guidelines are prepared to serve a supportive and educational role for ophthalmologies worldwide and are intended to improve the quality of eye care for patients.

Diabetic Eye Care

ICO Guidelines for Diabetic Eye Care

The ICO Guidelines for Diabetic Eye Care include recommendations for screening and evaluating people with diabetes for potentially blinding eye problems and provide instructions for treating those with diabetic retinopathy and other ocular complications of diabetes.

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Global Statement on Diabetes and Eye Health

The ICO, International Diabetes Federation, World Council of Optometry, and International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness have released a joint Global Statement on Diabetes and Eye Health calling for urgent action from governments, medical associations, service providers, and patient organizations.

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Glaucoma Eye Care

The ICO Guidelines for Glaucoma Eye Care address low, middle, and high resource settings, which differentiate the guidelines from what already exists. 

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Uncorrected Refractive Errors

The ICO Task Force on Uncorrected Refractive Errors and School Eye Health was formed in 2007 to strengthen the involvement of the ophthalmic profession, in cooperation with others, to provide better access to high-quality, low-cost eye care, especially in regions with limited services.

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ICO-CBM Phaco Surgeon Training Curriculum

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Human Corneal Tissue for Ocular Transplant

ICO Position on Donation, Processing, Allocation, Advocacy, and Legislation Supporting Human Corneal Tissue for Ocular Transplant

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Patient Safety and Quality of Treatment Outcomes

ICO’s Global Call for Action to Eliminate Eye Surgical Errors

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Eye Injuries Due to Consumer Fireworks

ICO Endorses Global Ban of Consumer Fireworks

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