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UN Adopts First Resolution on Vision

The United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted the first-ever resolution on vision, committing its 193 member nations to ensuring eye care for everyone by 2030.

Called “Vision for Everyone” this landmark resolution is designed to tackle eye disease and to enhance global efforts to help at least 1.1 billion people who have vision impairment and who currently lack access to the eye care services they need.The ICO commends the UN’s commitment to addressing the impact of vision loss on social and economic development, and to enhancing efforts to make eye care services an integral part of universal health care.

The Assembly has further called upon Member States and other stakeholders to include persons with disabilities, including those with visual impairment, in all stages of policymaking and decision-making, as well as to eliminate barriers and discrimination against persons with disabilities.

This is a significant milestone in global efforts to promote eye health, and together with the global ophthalmology community, the ICO is ready to act on this opportunity to improve access to eye care for millions of people living with impaired vision and blindness around the world.

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